Curiosity Ignites

Curiosity Ignites was my first gallery opening and it went well!  It took place in the gallery of Bryant (Denison’s building for the arts) on December 5th.  The idea behind it was for my class to individually pick a piece of inspiration from the Denison Museum and create an art work around it.  I chose a Burmese Nat spirit statue (seen below in one of the pictures) because of its intricate detail and beauty.  It also reminded me of dragons!  From looking at this statue, to examining some Burmese textile works that were intertwined with beads and gems I decided that I wanted to make my piece to sparkle and to try out different medians.  I then did some research on dragons in Burmese culture and found that fish were more common, so…drum roll please, I Made A Fish!
ATIV Odyssey_20141208_004

My fish is made of 6 layers of ironed bubble wrap, a crocodile crochet stitch, glitter glue, beads, rhinestones, buttons, and bells!ATIV Odyssey_20141212_006


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