Thank you Letter

Little did we know that an anonymous benefactor funded our senior art trip to NYC.  Here is a letter of thanks I sent, it is very long because I was and still am on a Jane Austen kick.  Psss all of the pictures are of Lady Liberty frolicking in NYC.  ATIV Odyssey_20140926_015ATIV Odyssey_20140926_009ATIV Odyssey_20140926_012ATIV Odyssey_20140926_001 ATIV Odyssey_20140926_007ATIV Odyssey_20140926_002 ATIV Odyssey_20140926_004ATIV Odyssey_20140926_003


One thought on “Thank you Letter

  1. You’re astounding and this is incredible. (Still can’t get over how much you wrote…..)
    I really like the drawings! They’re stylized like Greek/Roman art, and I love that. The solid color shading is really simple & beautiful, too. GAH you’re so talented.

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