NYC photo series

While on our art trip to New York City our professor assigned us an assignment of taking a series of 10 to 15 photos all with a common theme.  My theme was ancient influence on the city of New York. Sorry that some of my photos are grainy or at weird angles, I was using my phone to take these and we were constantly moving, so some of these were taken at a walk. ATIV Odyssey_20140919_002 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_004 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_006 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_007 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_016 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_017 ATIV Odyssey_20140919_018 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_009 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_033 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_034 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_046 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_047 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_048 ATIV Odyssey_20140920_051 ATIV Odyssey_20140921_003


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