Fairy tale skirt

This is a skirt my mom and I made with illustrations of different fairy tales from around the world. ATIV Odyssey_20140502_003“The Midwife and the Djinn” from Senegal.ATIV Odyssey_20140501_004

“The Cat and the Parrot” from India. ATIV Odyssey_20140501_005 “The Legend of the Bluebonnet” from Texas, U.S.A.ATIV Odyssey_20140501_006 “The Beautiful Crone of Cordoba” from Mexico. ATIV Odyssey_20140501_007 “The Rooster and the Mouse” from Italy. ATIV Odyssey_20140501_008 “The Old Woman who was Not Afraid” from Japan. ATIV Odyssey_20140501_009 “The Fox and the Crab” from China. ATIV Odyssey_20140501_010“Old Mother Holle” from Germany.  ATIV Odyssey_20140501_013


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